Shipd - The European Shipping Automation App for Shopify _

Free Multi-Carrier Pick-up Locations Integration

Shipd connects your Shopify shop with the transport companies you use and allows your customers to choose where to pick up their package, whether it's Swipbox, Bring, GLS or DAO. It's completely free!

If you want more features then upgrade to the paid version of Shipd.

Automate Your Order Flow and Save a Lot of Time!

Shipd can automate your order flow so all you have to do is scan the order either with a traditional hand scanner or with our iOS app. Shipd will automatically handle printing a shipping label, capturing payment and informing the customer that the package is on its way.

Easier Handling of Returns

With Shipd, you can easily and quickly make a return label for your customers, either sent directly to them by e-mail, or printed and sent by mail. It is also possible to print a return label automatically when an order is to be sent to the customer, which can be attached to the checkout.

Easy Configuration and Installation

It's super easy to get started with Shipd, all you need is a computer and a label printer. Shipd uses Google Cloud Print when printing labels. Google Cloud Print is a free solution that is an integral part of the Chrome browser.

All you need to do is type your Shopify domain below and you're ready to start automating!

Your Shopify Domain (

Need help with the app?

You are always welcome reaching out to us for help with the Shipd App. You can reach us here: