D.TAILS – Official Shopify Plus Partner

Much more functionality

The everyday problems. Our darlings.

As a Shopify Plus Partner we’re part of developing and fine tuning the webshop of tomorrow. We’re here to streamline and automate - we take one step forward, so you can follow in that footstep without worry. 

When we discover a pattern in our customer’s challenges we’’ll - of course - develop an app to eliminate the challenge. Some of our apps are available in Shopify App Store, while others are unlisted and require our help to install. 

See a selection of our apps hereunder:

BookKeeper is an integration between Shopify and the bookkeeping systems; Billy, Dinero and E-conomic. Contrary to many bookkeeping apps, BookKeeper doesn’t synchronize customers and orders, but summaries of the day’s sales. The report automatically transfers to your booking system. 

As far as we know, it’s the only bookkeeping app that successfully handles refunds.

Find in Shopify App Store.

Bundld allows Shopify Plus users to offer their customers bundle deals that can’t be managed using Shopify standard functions. Such as a “buy 5 pay for 4” deal wherein the products aren't identical.

Example: A T-shirt bundle where customers can choose between many different styles, colors and sizes. Bundld simplifies these offer types allowing you to easily create and maintain products across your shop. 

Bundld is an unlisted app. Contact us to install it.

In certain countries, such as Denmark, you’re restricted from charging customers until their order has shipped. Resultantly, customers who buy physical products and digital gift cards within the same order, don't receive their gift cards until the remaining order has shipped. 

Gift card fulfillr improves your customer service by automatically withdrawing payment for the gift card, so it can be sent to the customer upon purchase, while the remainder of the order wait to be manually fulfilled.

What’s the total production value of your inventory? What was it 3 months ago? 

Knowing your important statistical insights are crucial for your business’ success. This app gives you a snapshot of your inventory statistics, such as total production value, total sales value and total value of unfilled orders. 

Inventory Value Now and Then also registers products without a cost price, allowing you to quickly rectify the problem. 

Find in Shopify App Store.

What’s a Shopify app?

Just like your phone has apps that give it certain functionalities - such as email, music player or notes, Shopify also offers apps, making it possible to add special features to your webshop without any coding. 

Developers worldwide, including D.TAILS, makes apps available, either for all users in the Shopify App Store, or on a custom build basis. There’s pretty much an app for anything from marketing and bookkeeping to SEO and… you name it!

In Shopify App Store you’ll find a variation of free and premium apps. Prices vary, but most apps cost around $10 a month. Do you need a custom build app? Yes? Then you need to reach out to an app-developer. The price of a custom app depends on how extensive the app’s functions need to be.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to which amount of apps are ideal. Yet, it’s important to be careful when you’re installing apps. The more apps the bigger the risk of spreading yourself too thin. It’s a good idea to occasionally do a spring cleaning of your app.

We have a selection of apps, in addition to our own, that we’re especially excited about. But when we recommend an app it’s always a 100% tailor made decision for that specific customer.