We’re creating your webshop - ‘your’ being the operative word. Hocus pocus - you’re in focus.

To build something great together, we need to get familiar. Sit down around a table and talk - family style. The goal is to get to know each other. Not to brag about what we’ve done for others. That wouldn’t be useful - because you’re not others.

Shopping cart Shopify Magazine. D.TAILS – Shopify Plus Partner

Your old system had its challenges - it was probably too complicated, maybe too expensive, and yet, it still didn’t function well. Maybe it had frequent system failures or was slow to update. You’ve most likely had several custom adaptations developed over time that are now tripping you up. If you’re where we were, it all seems completely unmanageable and you don’t know where to start.

We’ll get close to you by asking questions. As in A LOT of questions. We’ll ask, listen and understand. It’s all about your needs and ambitions.

Welcome to D.TAILS!


With the combination of Shopify and D.TAILS, your business will be ready for growth. We’ll build your storefront and quality control your back-end. We know what works - all the little tricks to make your work smooth. Allowing you to sleep tight at night, while earning a lot during the day - and probably during the night too.

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Are you integrating your Shopify webshop with an ERP, PIM, WMS or maybe a fourth option? We’ll deep dive into the technical details for you, and create an optimized process. Optimize your workflow, your customer satisfaction and employee motivation, by eliminating your procedural (?) waste-time.

Need an app to further finetune the setup? No worries! Our developers are here to help.

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Take your conversion rate to the next level with Klaviyo - a data driven email marketing platform with 100% focus on e-commerce. And what about offering your customers VIP service across all your channels with Gorgias? As a Gorgias and Klaviyo Partner we can set you up for success. 

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While running our own businesses we’ve met with a sea of consultants who’d seemingly never set foot in a warehouse. That’s not what we want to be. We talk straight - and know what we’re talking about. We’d never give advice we ourselves wouldn’t follow. We call this kind of advice D.TAILS approved.


“With D.TAILS we’ve gotten a partner that listens to our wishes and finds the solutions that make the most sense. I only have good things to say about every last one of them”.

Bille Korsbro, Head of Marketing & eCommerce, OUR UNITS

"I have worked with at least 4 different web agencies, and more than 5 CMS systems. The shift to Shopify with D.TAILS has been, by far, the best experience I have had"

Fredrik Sinander, Digital Manager, SILVA
You don’t become an expert over night

We hold the title as Denmark’s first Shopify Plus Partner. A title we have because we never stop nerding about the tech, because we give advice based on our own experiences, and because we’re trustworthy. In short, we do the work correctly.

Before we get started

At D.TAILS we don’t waste time. We know what we can and what we want. 

And we’ll ask you to please be prepared. When you attend our first meeting, have the answers ready.

What solution do you currently have, and what kind of solution do you dream of? We need to know your challenges to eliminate them.

You may be coming from WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or maybe you have a completely custom build solution. No worries - we can move you to Shopify. 

Do you want to move your current design, previous orders, customer data and content - or do you want to start from scratch?

We need to understand your internal processes to create something that works for you. So how does your logistics look today - do you have a 3rd party logistical solution that we need to integrate?

Shopify works well with a range of external systems such as Shipmondo and Webshipper. And if you’ve completely outsourced your logistics, fear not! We can create a solution for that as well. 

It’d be a shame if we created a cool new webshop - and then it turns out you have an old-timey email marketing platform that doesn’t integrate with Shopify. Luckily, Shopify has their own email system that makes it easy to keep your customers engaged. 

We also have a knack for integrating Klaviyo with Shopify, for those who want to go all in on the inbox. Klaviyo offers a multitude of amazing email flows that increase sales while making it playfully easy to create customer loyalty.

Even the best webshop can fail if the customer service isn’t under control. When inquiries start tumbling in on email, Facebook, Instagram, (feel free to continue the list on your own) - it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and forget to answer. And that’s when the bad reviews start ticking in. Oooh no! 

Customers always need answers, and they need to be helped in a timely manner. For this reason, we’re big fans of Gorgias, which allows you to manage all your customer interactions in one place.

Help us understand which systems need to play together - and when and why. Maybe you have an ERP that manages prices, but does Shopify need to return information back to the ERP? And if yes, is it order for order, day for day or maybe week for week.

The first workshop

Following our first meeting, we’ll invite you to a workshop to explore your ecommerce dreams.

We’ll examine your current technologies and website structure. What are your current challenges? And which functions are you looking for? You might have a crush on another webshop - let’s look at what it has that you want. 

Not to forget your strategy

How do you plan to grow? Are you going international - if yes, how many languages, valutas, and payment options will you need? More importantly, what is your customer journey? Let us introduce the strongest tools to make your customer journey ‘out of this world’ good. 

We’re detail tailors. So you can relax.

How quick are we?

We’re fans of choosing ‘the smallest shoe that fits’. Shopify gives businesses a quick gateway to their ecommerce dreams. The system is incredibly user friendly and you’re sure to find it easy to create products, process orders and play around with the layout. 

Some strive for a speedy launch and add the unique adaptations later during a second phase. Others want to take their time and explore the many opportunities. 

What are you waiting for? Start your ecommerce adventure already by getting in touch with us today!