Shopify and coffee. D.TAILS – Shopify Plus Partner

We’ve got Shopify in our blood

There’s no need for hoity-toity introductions. We’ll put it simply. We’re nice people - and we do things the right way. In other words, we only give advice we’d ourselves would follow. We always focus on the bottom line. First and foremost - things need to work.

It’s our ‘niceness’ that means our customers get the most possible ecommerce for their money.

We’ll only sell you solutions that make sense, because we’ve walked in your shoes, and we know how you feel. We have first hand experience with ecommerce, and are always looking at the solution through our ‘practical’ glasses. With Shopify you don’t have to do everything at once - let us put a pot on the stove and talk you through it.

We work with ecommerce and Shopify. That’s it. We’re not ones to create a shit solution - much  less make you pay for one. We’d much rather have you exclaim - “shit - that’s insane!”

We’ve never had to seek out customers. It’s a little crazy, but it’s the truth nonetheless.

Our references
Technical skills. D.TAILS – Shopify Plus Partner
We’re far from paté

In a backyard in Copenhagen you’ll find an old paté factory. That’s where we live. It’s where we create the webshops of tomorrow. Not quite like creating paté. We’re Shopify experts with technical skills to spare. We’ll code our way to the ‘almost’ impossible - and we mean that in the literal sense. 

Some of our co-workers are based around the world, but we’re screen people (and sourdough nerds, family folks, and all sorts of other things), so that’s perfectly fine. However - you can always find a point of contact in the old paté factory. We’re happy to extend an invitation - stop by and share your webshop dreams with us!


[The history]
“We want you to come to San Francisco for dinner!”

Those were the words spoken when D.TAILS’ founder, Kim Eriksen, picked up his phone in May of 2016. What seemed as a casual dinner invitation turned into an invitation to become Scandinavia’s first Shopify Plus Partner.