Great, greater, Gorgias
Hitting two birds with one stone have never been easier
All your customer service in one place

Your customers want to get in touch with you - that’s great! But, when they reach out via 2, 3 or maybe even 10 different platforms, it becomes difficult to maintain a good overview. 

That's a problem Gorgias takes care of by collecting all your customer service in one place - no matter whether the customer reaches out via email, social media or the website chat. 

Making it so much easier to answer quickly, and personally, to all your customers.

Gorgias and Shopify - best friends

Gorgias and Shopify are easily integrated, so your customer service will have an easy access to the most relevant customer information at all times. 

Refund orders, send discount codes and much more straight from your Gorgias dashboard. Handling customer requests has never been more trouble-free.

The invisible coworker

Most of us need a little extra help once in a while - yet, it can be both expensive and demanding to hire new employees.

But what if there was a way to give your customer service a little extra help anyway?

With Gorgias AI it’s easy to automate the most common customer experiences, so your employees can focus on the more complex tasks. Let Gorgias AI be your customer service’s new and invisible coworker and get an effectivity that’s top of the line. 

When your employees are at ease, improved motivation is sure to follow, together with better customer service in the future. Which, of course, ultimately leads to happier customers. 

Nobody can say “no thanks” to that! 

Small, large and everything in between

Everyone’s invited!

Gorgias’ selection of plans means that all companies can be part of the fun. No matter whether you’re a small fish with big ambitions, or the big fish in the dam. Gorgias accommodates the needs of everyone, and is sure to help you through your growing pains. 

Because as we all know, a scalable system is a future proof system.

The magic in data

With Gorgias data analysis, it becomes playfully easy to identify the most important patterns and tendencies within your customer enquiries. 

Are you receiving a large amount of questions about one product? Or many complaints on a specific day? Maybe there’s a marketing campaign that left your customers puzzled….

With this information it’s easy to address customer’s concerns head on. 

That's something that’ll create good customer experiences.

Gorgias; create a smooth customer service - and make your employees stress free while you’re at it

Long story short

Gorgias is the best addition to your customer service, because your time used per enquiry decreases, while your overview will increase.

And when you have a good overview - of both the larger tendencies via data analysis and the individual enquiries - then you have the most important tool to make your customer experience the focal point of your organization. With customer loyalty as a sure byproduct.