Why we have a crush on Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a brilliant email marketing system. By making it easy to keep in touch with your customers - even when you’re not meeting them physically - you can increase customer loyalty. Klaviyo is developed specifically for webshops and integrates 100% with shopify - get loads of data-based email automations just at your fingertips.

We’ll help you set up a making machine that can do its thing efficiently - so your hands are free to do your thing. Because more time for you, means more time to grow your business.

DTAILS Klaviyo Master Platinum
D.TAILS er Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner
Get repeat purchases from previous customers - or close an order that was abandoned in the cart

By using Klaviyo you get low cost marketing with high level earnings. How? Because the work is automated, and the decisions are based on customer behavior. Once you’ve set up your flows you can lean back and relax. Klaviyo takes the wheel, and ensures your visitors are kept engaged with your brand. You can even add dynamic product categories within your emails to increase your click-through rates.

D.TAILS er Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner

"The flow of data between Shopify, Klaviyo, and Gorgias has empowered my team to better understand our customer and their journey while giving us new ways to connect. In short—it’s enabled us to move from customer management to relationship building."

– Rhya Johnston-Wallace, Head of Digital, FRAMA.

More than 50 automations - right there for the taking

Klaviyo has a huge collection of consumer behavior data, which is used to create flows that target the individual consumer. Ensuring the interactions are both personal and relevant for the consumer. 

You can then create tons of segments based on your customers’ purchase habits. Such as:

  • Size, color or collection 
  • Total order value 
  • Whether they’re a return customer 
  • When a product was last purchased 

For example; if a customer buys a pair of jeans, you might want a flow that automatically suggests belts, socks, or a new pair of jeans once the fall collection launches. That’s an upsell for the books! And the best part? It’s completely manageable. With Klaviyo, you can easily create your flows using their creation tools that give you a visual outline of what is sent to whom, when and why.

What’s the must-have flows?

You can create as many flows as you’d like, but like most other webshops, you’ll probably land on the following three:

Build brand awareness and give customers a highlight reel of your offerings.

A data driven flow targeting customers who’ve left products in their cart.

Win customers back after x-number of days by using data to predict when they’ll complete their next purchase

We’ll help you take your first step

We’re familiar with all the nooks and crannies of Klaviyo, and can help you with an expert level set-up, and a complete integration to Shopify. Moreover - we’ll make sure you’re fully equipped to run it yourself once we hand it over to you. During our workshop we’ll find the perfect setup together, and you’ll learn how to use the system. Because when you can maintain it yourself things are so much more exciting - and flexible.

Turn your data into better business

Give us a call to discuss how Klaviyo can optimize your sales - completely automatically. We’re ready by the phone +45 70 71 12 77.

D.TAILS er Klaviyo Master Platinum Partner

“With help from D.TAILS we’re now able to set up basic flows and control Shopify Markets (multi language/multi currency) from one Klaviyo account. This ensures high quality, both technically, in terms of the content and visually, and we can easily share ideas and experiences with our many suppliers, benefitting the customer”

– Pernille Holt Petersen, e-commerce manager, Trollbeads.