Backend developer

Do you want to create awesome customer experiences with the team from the leading Shopify Plus Partner in the Nordics?

At DTAILS we are looking for our new backend developer to join our amazing team in the heart of Copenhagen Nørrebro. We deliver stellar digital experiences, centered around Shopify. As a company, we put our team members first. We believe that engaged members deliver superior customer experience. We have fun, a relaxed culture and are dead serious when it comes to the quality of the work we deliver.

Our clients range from disruptive startups to well established international top performing brands. You will be instrumental in delivering bleeding edge experiences for our challenging customers. You will be creating bespoke and innovative solutions from a frontend perspective.


  • Cheer when watching you grow and develop
  • Provide awesome hardware to work on
  • Thrive when solving difficult problems as a team
  • Celebrate when we think there is something to celebrate
  • Are a dynamic team of young international professionals
  • Eat high quality food at lunch and appreciate soft drinks
  • Offer flexible working hours and location


  • Node.js: Master node.js - this is what you do best!
  • APIs: Have experience building complex solutions using RESTful APIs and/or GraphQL
  • Data: Strong knowledge of SQL and Knex.js:  Creating schemas, writing queries, optimizing performance, and understanding how to leverage Knex.js's features
  • Problem Solving Skills: Backend developers often need to diagnose and fix issues, optimize performance, and design solutions to complex problems.
  • Strong Testing Skills: You should understand the principles of testing and be comfortable writing unit, integration, and end-to-end tests. Knowledge of testing libraries and frameworks for Node.js (like Mocha, Jest, etc.) is also important
  • Understanding of Web Technologies: While not directly related to backend development, having a strong understanding of the web, including HTML, CSS, modern JavaScript frameworks, and WebSockets, can be beneficial.
  • Enjoy working with a team of equally minded professionals
  • Know how to estimate and deliver on time and within budget
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Fluency with version control and Git flows


  • Understanding of Scalability and Performance: Able to design systems that can handle high levels of traffic and data.
  • eCommerce experience - preferably Shopify/liquid knowledge
  • Experience with the Shopify API, rest API and GraphQL, PostgreSQL
  • Understanding security best practices
  • Previous work within a variety of agile development teams and processes
  • Familiarity with Cloud Services - e.g. Heruko or similar

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