[Tech stack]
We don’t kill flies with missiles.

The Shopify-platform can do more than most realize. And when Shpoify doesn’t hit it out of the park, that’s Kaviyo and Gorgias’ time to shine. These three together are magic. They’re one plus two gives seven. 

Tech stack. D.TAILS – Shopify Plus Partner

Because there’s no need for a Porsche, if you’re just going 500 meters down the road. The perfect tech stack for your business depends on your needs and ambitions.

We’re both Gorgias Premier Partner and Klaviyo Master Gold level. Making us the perfect people to set you up for success. Through workshops we’ll teach you how to use the systems yourself - giving you the confidence and independence to create better conversion…. And more profit. 

[VIP customer service]
“Hello, it’s Gorgias”

Meet your customers in one place, no matter where they meet you. With Gorgias you can put answering customer inquiries on multiple platforms behind you. Making your customer service smooth, and your employees stress free and top engaged.

[Automations with personality]
“All the best, Klaviyo”

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that utilizes user data, including interactions, to create automations and newsletters with a personal touch. With Klaviyo you can personalize the content to the individual. Did someone say increased conversion rate? Big time!

D.TAILS x ZENZ Organic Products

“D.TAILS are super effective and solution oriented - with their help we’ve streamlined our customer service communication across all platforms”

Sofie Rimestad, E-commerce Manager, ZENZ Organic Products