Brightpearl synchronizer - installing the apps

The "Brightpearl synchronizer" app synchronizes selected products from Brightpeal into Shopify. This requires two apps to be installed:

  • The Shopify app "Brightpearl synchronizer" must be installed in your Shopify shop
  • A Brightpearl app must be installed in your Brightpearl account

The following sections describes how the apps are installed, and how the systems should be setup.

Please note that you must install the Shopify app first, then the Brightpearl app, and then finish the Shopify app configuration.

Installing the "Brightpearl synchronizer" app in your Shopify shop

In order to install the Shopify app, please contact to get access to the unlisted Shopify app.

Setting up Brightpearl

Please see how to install the Brightpearl app and setup Brightpearl here.

Setting up the "Brightpearl synchronizer" app in your Shopify shop

Please follow the setup instructions in the app after you installed the Brightpearl app.