Inventory Value Now and Then

Know your Inventory Value - now and then

What is the total value of all products in stock? What was it 3 months ago? Knowing how your business is running is key to succes. The value of your inventory is important in this calculation.

Always missing something?

Know the value of items ordered but not yet fulfilled. It might be considered a small amount and not worthy of checking monthly... but in 2019 Black Friday was crossing from November to December making the floating value something everybody wanted to know.

Cost price is needed

Make sure all products has cost price filled out. One click and Inventory Value app will check all products and let you know exactly which items are missing cost price. One click and you are bulk editing them all.

Total inventory value

Get the exact value of all products in stock and floating value for items sold but not yet delivered.

Go back in time

The app keeps you inventory value from the moment it is installed. Accountant asking for inventory value 6 months ago? No problem.

Accounting love

Give your accountant the data needed - and get love in return.


Inventory Value Now and Then has the following features:

  1. Show todays stats
  2. Calculate stats now
  3. Sync products now
  4. Show products without cost
  5. Bulk edit products without cost
  6. Show monthly stats
  7. Show daily stats
  8. Show all stats

If you feel there are any features missing on the list, please feel free to contact us at

How do I get started?

In order to get started, you only need to install the app from the app store..

When the app has been installed, you need to select an app subscription.

If you have any questions, you can take a look at our FAQ page, or reach us at