Automate your metafield product lists. No more tedious maintenance!

Manually adding products to a metafield can be a long and tedious process - not to mention the maintenance of it. With Referencd this process can now be automated.

With Referencd you can easily create a list of items based on a specific metafield value and set up a synchronization between the product list and a given metafield. 

You might, for example, want a list of products with the same pattern or color. In this case you will set up Referencd to look at the color metafield of all your products, and collect all relevant products and group them in a second metafield. 

The list will automatically update when new products with the correct specifications are added to your product portfolio.

Show relevant list of product references on e.g. the product page

Automatically maintain product reference data for new and updated products

Maintain product reference data on demand



Daily synchronisation of list of product references

On demand synchronisation of list of product references