Migrering fra DynamicWeb til Shopify: Sådan fik Filterhuset alt hvad de drømte om
CASE: Filterhuset

Migration from DynamicWeb to Shopify: How Filterhuset got everything they dreamed of

"DTAILS has realized our vision of a smooth, flexible and customer-oriented e-commerce platform. Our conversion rate is booming as a result."

– Henrik Friis, CEO, Filterhuset.

After a successful Black November in 2022, and a series of Gazelle awards behind them, Filterhuset's management team faced the results of an extensive S.W.O.T. analysis in January 2023, which clearly revealed that very little was as they wanted it to be.

By this time, Filterhuset had changed platforms three times in just 7 years. Each time with a result that didn't live up to what they had been promised.

Filterhuset desired a more flexible webshop, a seamless customer journey, and much better utilization of customer data and purchase history.

With Shopify, Filterhuset has finally obtained a future-proof webshop, complete with integration to Business Central and synchronization of products and content to 2 expansion shops for the Swedish and Norwegian markets, respectively. At the same time, both their customer service and email marketing setup received a breath of fresh air; Dixa was replaced with Gorgias, and HeyLoyalty was swapped out in favor of Klaviyo.

"I just ran around the house four times – I'm bursting with excitement! We're 20% ahead of our 2022 numbers. It's incredible how well we're converting!"

– Henrik Friis, CEO, Filterhuset. (7 weeks after launch)

Who is


Filterhuset, part of Danfilter A/S, is a premier provider of various filters for ventilation systems. With a fervent commitment to optimal indoor environments, the company innovatively crafts sustainable products, ensuring clean air becomes a natural standard.


Goal: Shortest possible journey from need to filter change

There's nothing sexy about buying filters. Filterhuset is well aware of that. Therefore, it should be as easy as possible for the customer to find – and receive – the right filter. A filter needs to be changed every 3 to 6 months, and that's why the purchase journey is so crucial. The easier for the customer, the higher the conversion rate.

Optimizing the user journey needed to happen without losing familiarity, so we ensured that customers wouldn't be confused. Additionally, there was a significant SEO effort on the previous site that also needed to be taken into account. Based on that foundation, we identified the key focus points together:

  • Improved product filtering with dimension search
  • Optimized product page with comparison of filter types
  • Easier reordering via customer login and email campaigns

New custom filtering has resulted in 50% fewer customer service inquiries

On Filterhuset's previous shop, customers could search for the right filter based on system model and brand. However, new customers were often unsure and would reach out to customer service, which spent a lot of time guiding them.

Since Filterhuset had measurements for all their products, we expanded the feature with a custom filtering solution, allowing customers to search by dimensions +/- 10 mm.

A solution that, together with an optimized product page and better delivery time information, has paid off: Customer service reports that phone contact has decreased by 30% and email inquiries by 50%.

A custom developed app made complex volume discounts possible.

Price is an important factor when shopping for filters, and customers are willing to buy in bulk if it pays off. On the product page, space has been allocated to display a volume discount table, which calculates the percentage savings and provides the customer with a comprehensive overview.

To meet Filterhuset's needs, where both the quantity and discount rate can be adjusted for each individual product, and combined with additional discounts based on basket size, we developed an app that handles the task and is easy to use in everyday operations. With a simple CSV file, where data is stored in a metafield, prices can be updated quickly.

Another of DTAILS’ apps keeps an eye on profit margins. If there is an order with a profit below the minimum threshold, the app sends an email to Filterhuset, which can quickly make adjustments.

35% fewer returns due to easily accessible information on the product page

We added a clear overview of alternative filter types and their properties on the product page. This makes choosing a filter easier and faster for the customer. The customer doesn't have to leave the product page to find crucial information but can make their decision on the product page and proceed directly to checkout.

In addition to the comparison table with its many subtle features, the entire product page received a refinement with a focus on making it easy for the customer to find information about changing filters – naturally tailored to the system the customer has in their home.

Conversion rates increased by 30%.

Since 80% of Filterhuset's sales come from reorders, it's crucial that returning customers feel welcomed and can easily find what they ordered last.

By importing 5 years of purchase history and using Shopify's customer accounts, Filterhuset can now offer its customers the ability to log in to their account with their email and a dynamic code (there's no need to ask the customer to remember a username and password). On the account page, the customer can see previous orders and click "reorder." All unnecessary clicks have been eliminated.

The general market slowdown was also felt at Filterhuset in 2023. They were under budget until they went live with their new webshop. The easy login solution and other optimizations resulted in immediate results. Conversion rates increased by over 30%*.

*Measured against the same period the previous year.

Custom feature: Campaign emails with direct Links for reordering

Filterhuset's marketing team wanted the ability to send campaign emails with general offers on the webshop, while also showing each recipient exactly the product(s) they had last purchased, along with the latest offer prices on these items.

In Klaviyo, we therefore created a dynamic product block where product data is fetched via API from the customer's most recent order. The result is relevant and personalized content that enhances click-through and conversion rates.

In Klaviyo, Filterhuset has also gained the ability to automatically send a friendly reminder to customers when it's time to replace their filter.

Learn more about Filterhuset's solution

Filterhuset has obtained 3 separate shops, each with their own Klaviyo account, one for each market: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. This solution was chosen to enable the management of different legal entities, local payment methods, and to avoid unnecessary exchange fees in Shopify.

All products originate from Business Central, but the majority of product enrichment occurs in Shopify. With over 300 collections, a solid data structure is key to ensuring everything lands exactly where it belongs. The Master shop synchronizes with the 2 expansion shops, allowing the team at Filterhuset to focus on what they do best instead of repetitive work. The synchronization itself is managed with a specially developed DTAILS app. Translation takes place in Shopify's own Translate & Adapt app.

When Shopify Markets are mature enough to handle Filterhuset's needs, we can quickly consolidate everything into one shop with 3 language layers. All customer service is handled in Gorgias regardless of which shop or channel the inquiry comes from. This makes everyday operations much more efficient.

Midway through the project, Shopify introduced metaobjects, a product innovation that arrived at just the right time. Metaobjects ensure a 100% on-brand layout. Every collection, product page, and several content pages follow clear rules we have established, making it easy for Filterhuset to maintain and update universally.

Small tweaks in the code have raised the bar even higher. To highlight a few:

  • Filter type icons are inserted into the comparison table on the product page, with the option to open an overlay for more information.
  • Content sections are displayed or hidden depending on whether there is content to show.
  • Content from navigation can be pulled into pages, where links to collections are automatically created.

On the product page, the delivery time is automatically displayed for each product. This information is carried forward into the checkout and order confirmation. If an order contains products with different delivery times, the order confirmation will automatically update so that the customer is informed that the order will be delivered as a whole, with the delivery time determined by the product with the longest delivery time.

The migration project has been successfully completed, but the collaboration continues. Filterhuset has entered into a DTAILS Care agreement, focusing on optimizing cross-selling, upselling, conversion rates, basket size, and much more. A subscription solution is on the horizon, and a B2B webshop is also in the pipeline. We're excited!

"DTAILS has made it magical. We haven't just had a project manager on our case – it has felt like an extra member of the team. It has made a huge difference."

– Henrik Friis, CEO, Filterhuset.